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Algomi ALFA

Algomi ALFA is a fixed income data aggregation and market surveillance tool that brings together liquidity data from all major electronic venues, messaging platforms and dealer inventory feeds and combines them into a single consolidated landscape.

Dynamic watch lists alert the user to particular market events. Algomi ALFA delivers full data transparency for traders, PMs, quants, COOs and compliance across voice and electronic markets. 

The structured and time-stamped data within the platform is used to support MiFID compliance, TCA and Best Execution as well as quantitative analysis for portfolio management. 

Algomi ALFA provides cross-market information on liquidity and trade intent in order to give the buy-side a real-time view of the entire bond market, including government bonds, investment grade, high yield, emerging market, municipal debt and structured credit.

This can increase the likelihood of a successful trade and this has the potential to be a ‘game changer’ for price discovery in bond markets.  The efficiency and scale achieved from comprehensive and time-stamped information is conducive to cost savings and greater alpha generation.

To protect individual client data integrity and ownership, Algomi ALFA clients will procure and own their own hardware via an approved cloud provider and Algomi will then install and deploy the Algomi ALFA software, using the best in class OpenFin solution. As with all Algomi solutions, clients own their data and Algomi has no access to the data.

Algomi ALFA solves several problems in today’s fragmented fixed income markets. The platform offers benefits to the buy-side, including:

  • Aggregating the entire market landscape into one screen, to alert buy-side users of liquidity opportunities
  • More informed decision-making through capturing a range of “Liquidity Signals”
  • Helping traders determine not only whether to buy or sell a security, but also when and what mode of execution.
  • Speed and efficiency – cut the required time to fund a new trading mandate from weeks to days, and allowing more rapid repositioning of portfolios.
  • Optimization of bond selection – can be better timed as a result of signals obtained through Algomi ALFA
  • Providing evidence for Best Execution and TCA – an enhanced process through better data, and proof that the trade was timed correctly

Algomi ALFA empowers:

  • Execution traders
  • Portfolio managers
  • Quants
  • Compliance professionals
Algomi ALFA data feeds
Introducing Algomi ALFA Algomi ALFA February 2019.pdf PDF 2.44 MB Download

ALGOMI ALFA API (Application Programmable Interface)

Helping PMs, Traders, Quants and Engineers access real-time normalised market data – with a few lines of code.

Algomi ALFA consumes large volumes of messages from your connected venues and within nano-seconds, converts the disparate formats to a normalised JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format. These JSON messages are indexed and  enriched with a unified identifier (typically ISIN), allowing for easy querying.

These enriched JSON messages are used by the Algomi ALFA GUI (Graphical User Interface). Now, these same messages are also published to a websocket server which you can instantly access through simple code regardless of the coding language.

Algomi ALFA API Algomi ALFA API.pdf PDF 285.16 KB Download
Tim Morbelli senior vice president of credit trading at AllianceBernstein addresses the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee on the topic of "Current State of Pre-Trade Transparency in the US Corporate Bond Market" at the SEC's headquarters in Washington D.C. on 16 July 2018.  To view the full video of the  meeting click here.

Developed in-house for the traders at AllianceBernstein, Algomi acquired the product and has transformed the technology, visual design and rebuilt it in HTML5. It is now available to firms across the buy-side.