Algomi in TechTour Growth 50 of 2018

13 March 2018 in AWARDS by Tim Binnington

We are delighted and proud to announce that, for the third year in a row, Algomi has been included in the prestigious Tech Tour Growth 50.

The Tech Tour Growth 50 is the result of an annual research project, run by Tech Tour, a platform that facilitates high-tech growth companies develop strategic relations with investors. This year they research and evaluated, with a selection committee of international investors, over 280 European private tech companies at a sub-one billion US dollar valuation.

The selection committee made their decision by taking into account prospective companies’ achievement, impact and momentum.

The purpose of the Tech Tour Growth 50 is not to give a ranking, or construct an index, but to shine the brightest of lights on the companies yet to achieve unicorn status as a demonstration of the strength and depth of technology companies in Europe.

Since the start of the decade, and with little in the way of public attention, something remarkable has happened across Europe: a new generation of high impact, world leading innovative companies has not just been born, but have grown rapidly into international businesses.

Tech Tour Growth 50

These companies, which cover a multitude of sectors, backed by venture capital funds, are powering a virtuous circle of growth that both enables societal transformation and takes advantage of it. Through the Tech Tour Growth 50 we shine a light on this success.

Tech Tour Growth 50 companies are understandably strong in areas where Europe excels, and where companies are becoming world leaders.

William Stevens, Managing Director, Tech Tour, commented “We are delighted to recognise Algomi in The Tech Tour Growth 50 for 2018. When we launched the Tech Tour Growth 50 in 2015 only 127 companies qualified for selection, this year we had 284. Each year our work is becoming more difficult: there are now so many great European companies. This makes Algomi’s inclusion in the Tech Tour Growth 50 a real mark of success”.

Stu Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder, Algomi “We are delighted and proud to receive this recognition of the hard work by the team at Algomi. As Algomi heads towards its sixth anniversary we look forward to fully fulfilling our potential”.

To read more visit the Tech Tour Growth 50 website.

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