Best new product at Markets Choice Awards

25 February 2016 in AWARDS by Tim Binnington

Honeycomb beat five other nominees to win “Best New Product” at the Markets Media 2016 Markets Choice Awards.

Markets Media gave out more than 25 awards last night to leaders at exchanges, sell-side desks, institutional buy-side investors, hedge funds, and technology providers.

Markets Media conducted several dozen interviews with senior market participants across the buy side and sell side, focusing on the areas of their expertise. Then, an initial nominee-generating process was open to readers and social media followers. The publication selected winners in consultation with the Markets Media Advisory Board.

“Algomi transformed this year from a start-up to a mature company, running a network that is at the heart of the bond market,” said Algomi CEO Stu Taylor. “The information and distribution insights Honeycomb provides aren’t available anywhere else, which is why Algomi continues to recognized by leading publications and organizations in our industry.”

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