"Most innovative technology company" Award

30 March 2017 in AWARDS by Tim Binnington

Last week, at the Tech Tour 2017 Growth Forum dinner and award ceremony in Lausanne, Switzerland, Algomi was recognized for “having had the biggest impact, on the largest number of people, in the least amount of time” as one of the most innovative technology companies in Europe.

Michael Schmidt, co-founder and Chairman of Algomi had this to say about the achievement: “This award means a lot to us as a company. We take it as a confirmation of our ongoing passionate engagement in digitalising the Fixed Income markets. There are lots of great companies and ideas out there. Getting recognised from this committee with the Innovation Award is obviously a stellar moment to us, motivating us big time to move on. To implement behavioural changes in an industry which got the same kind of workflows mostly unchanged over 25 years can be a huge challenge some times. We trust in the word of Google’s Eric Schmidt (no family relation), who said, “Everything that can be digitalised, will be digitized”.”

The 4th edition of the Tech Tour Growth Forum and 11th edition of the Awards gathered and celebrated Europe’s most impactful high-growth technology companies with their venture capital backers, international investors, senior business leaders, industry experts and influencers.

The Tech Tour Growth Awards have a strong track record of uncovering Europe’s next potential Unicorns, with previous Growth Award winners including Octo Telematics, Skyscanner, Openet, Klarna, Betfair, Gameforge, QlikTech, Parallels, MySql and Wonga. Previous Innovation Award winners include Movidius, Shazam, Tobii Technology, Enecsys, and Soundcloud, and previous Special Jury Prizes have been awarded to FeedZai, Novaled, Corevalve, Scytl, and Vente-privée.

“The Tech Tour Growth Awards are about identifying and showcasing those European companies that are on a high growth trajectory to achieve long term independent dominance of a new market. Years after being recognized by the tour, many of the award recipients now constitute the backbone of what is fast becoming a strong ecosystems of independent Tech centric European enterprises.” - Eric Archambeau, Co-President of the Tech Tour 2017 Growth Forum.

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