Hugh Willis joins Algomi

11 May 2014 in THE BOND MARKET by Tim Binnington

"The surprise announcement that Hugh Willis, co-founder and former chief executive of BlueBay, one of Europe’s biggest credit hedge fund managers, is to join Algomi, an obscure technology company, as a strategic adviser might seem unexpected, but Algomi says it is part of its plan to revolutionise the bond market. ...

“What we are doing is no change in market structure but just improving the conduits of information,” says Stu Taylor, chief executive of Algomi. Algomi will help banks collate all the information they have about potential deals, making it easier for them to see at a glance which trades they can facilitate. The buyside should be able to see which bank is offering what they want at the best price, without having to call each bank individually." (source Financial Times)

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