Alpha Trader Forum Global Summit

07 February 2019 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

The Algomi team is taking part in the 7th Alpha Trader Forum Global Summit today in London.

Algomi CEO Scott Eaton is participating in a panel looking at"Best execution, data and best execution analysis/TCA for fixed income.

Later today Algomi is hosting a series of sessions for the buy-side:
How to play nicely with others – Harnessing fragmented data and achieving system interoperability and efficiency

To be successful in the current market, to source liquidity effectively, to trade at the best price and meet regulatory requirements, you first need data. That data needs to be captured, scrubbed and normalized before you can even start a meaningful discussion about trading efficiency.

In order to capture the available data in the market, your systems need to work together. Data occurs in many places and in many forms, from your own data to that sourced from vendors and service providers. That data needs to be harnessed, requiring system interoperability and an ability to see the whole market.