Evolution of Exchange Technology

22 July 2016 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

BT Radianz and Algomi hosted an event to look at the Evolution of Exchange Technology. The event was held at the top of the iconic BT Tower in London.

Stu Taylor, Algomi’s CEO spoke about the growing importance of exchanges in helping to solve the liquidity issues in today’s fixed income markets.

He underscored the importance of working with world-class partners, like BT Radianz, in helping Algomi to grow a secure, efficient connectivity platform between banks and their investor clients.

Stu then explained his optimism for the potential role exchanges can in Fixed Income OTC markets: Firstly exchanges are highly trusted and well regulated entities. Clients already pass data across their platforms and are comfortable with exchanges facilitating transactions. Secondly, the global regulatory environment is increasingly pushing our markets towards an ‘equity exchange’ model featuring RFQs, price transparency etc.

Panoramic time lapse view over London from the BT Tower.