Introducing DealCall

13 April 2016 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

Introducing DealCall the one click voice connection on the Honeycomb network

Algomi is collaborating with IPC Systems, Inc., a leading global financial markets technology and service provider, to deliver DealCall.

DealCall will be integrated into Honeycomb and use IPC’s Financial Markets Cloud to enable seamless voice communication for the buy-side users of Honeycomb.

With one click, users can swiftly and securely connect to their chosen dealer. This will introduce an enhanced level of productivity and efficiency as users will have an integrated experience and be able to immediately communicate with counterparties using their choice of an instant voice connection or instant messaging.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Algomi,” said Neil Barua, CEO of IPC, “The successful implementation of DealCall on the IPC Financial Markets Cloud means Honeycomb network participants can work with their counterparts on large sensitive trades in an efficient and secure manner”.

IPC’s clients represent 6,000 financial market participants, meaning that this feature of Honeycomb will be available to a very significant number of the leading firms in the bond market.