Latest legal thinking on software licences

20 January 2017 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

A vital part of the Algomi offering to our clients is establishing the right legal framework for them to use our products and services.

We understand that we are asking them to trust us with the most vital elements of their trading data. We hold this responsibility highly and our in house team, led by our General Counsel Amanda Dominick, work closely with their legal teams and external lawyers to deliver the best outcome.

A key part of any agreement is how our software is licensed for use and what protections each party receives. This an interesting and complex area of the law that needs to evolve and cope with the swiftly changing financial technology sector.

Tom Bohills

We are very pleased to share the two latest articles written by Tom Bohills and Amanda Dominick of Algomi in association with John Benjamin of DWF.


Considers the key legal and commercial issues that can arise in a business­-to-business context when drafting and negotiating warranties and indemnities in relation to both standard, off­the­shelf, software licences and more complex arrangements.


Explores key considerations in drafting and negotiating software contracts such as identifying the software and its performance specifications, agreeing ownership of intellectual property, determining the parties respective responsibilities and liability. It also deals with essential steps such as acceptance testing, fees and payment, change control, exit management and transition support.

The articles are published by LexisNexis, a subscription service.