13 March 2019 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

We are excited to announce the release of the Algomi ALFA API (Application Programmable Interface). Helping Fixed Income Portfolio Managers, Traders, Quants & Engineers access real-time normalised market data – in a few lines of code


Many people in Fixed Income have expressed interested in learning Python, Java, Node JS (Java Script) etc. Why? Because they are looking to empower themselves with tools that can help them source and analyse huge amounts of market data, enabling them to make more informed investment decisions. Now you can.

Learning Python is one thing, but building a technology stack that can consume huge amounts of market data, clean it and make it easily accessible for analysis requires a vast investment of time and money, both of which are hard to find in a continuously time and cost constraint world. To pull off a project that involves building such an infrastructure, one needs budget approval, project management, engineers (GUI and server), testers, designers, devops, support and ops, the list goes on. Before writing a line of code, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent just on planning alone. It does not have to be that way.

At Algomi, we have created a platform that takes care of this, saving you time and money, so you can focus on making that data work to generate business value.


The Algomi ALFA platform, which is deployed on a client’s cloud instance, consists of a highly performant and scalable real-time micro-service architecture which can consume large volumes of messages from the client’s connected venues and within nano-seconds, convert messages in disparate formats to a normalised JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format. Once normalised, the JSON messages are indexed in real-time using Algomi’s proprietary super fast and highly scalable zero-contention indexing engine which enriches the normalised JSON messages with a unified identifier (typically ISIN), allowing for easy querying.

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Algomi CEO S...

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18 July 2018

We are delighted to announce that Euroclear’s data and information business, Euroclear I...

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